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Bring a Trailer Premium Services


Door-to-door vehicle shipping, integrated into Bring a Trailer

Available on vehicle auctions in the contiguous 48 U.S. states, Bring a Trailer Shipping makes buying a vehicle easier than ever.

Learn more about Bring a Trailer Shipping here.


Vehicle photography at your doorstep

BaT Plus makes it simple to get photos of your vehicle that are both inspirational and informative. Your photographer will capture a comprehensive gallery of your vehicle’s exterior, interior, engine bay, along with any documentation that you bring to the shoot. Learn more here.

When submitting, choose BaT Plus.


Concierge services on call

White Glove is our concierge, we-do-it-all service for sellers with significant cars or collections. We want to give sellers every reason to sell on BaT, and part of that is making the process easier. We have the ability to tailor the experience to meet a seller’s needs.

When submitting, choose BaT White Glove.





Vehicle Photography


BaT Photo Guide and Shot List
Learn how to photograph your own vehicle like a pro.


Shot List  (mobile version)
The definitive guide to getting all of the important shots of your vehicle.



Are you a professional photographer?

We are always looking for talented professional photographers to join our network—click here to start an application.






Bring a Trailer Shipping is our integrated door-to-door vehicle transport solution for BaT Auctions.

Available on vehicle auctions in the contiguous 48 U.S. states.

Instant quotes  |  Open or Enclosed Transit  |  Real-time tracking

Learn more about Bring a Trailer Shipping here.



Questions about shipping across borders?

Bring a Trailer Shipping isn’t available for international shipping, but we’ve collected experiences and reports from BaT readers.

BaT Survey: Canadian Border Car Experience

BaT Survey: Euro-American Selling, Buying, and Shipping



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