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About Bring a Trailer


Bring a Trailer is a digital auction platform and enthusiast community.

BaT Auctions are the best way to buy and sell classic, collector, and enthusiast vehicles.

We curate vehicles submitted by our audience and craft transparent auction listings that present the vehicles as they are—without superlatives or dubious used-car-lot language. BaT’s knowledgeable community of more than 700,000 users and over 300,000 registered bidders vets each listing so potential buyers can bid with confidence.



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5 stars:


Jim Hailey

Simply the best place to sell your rare car. Car stays with you safe and secure while the world gets to review your pictures and videos while placing their bids. Worked well for me.


5 stars:


Megan A.

This was my first time listing a car on BaT. They assigned Mike B. to me. He was very friendly and professional. He wrote up a really nice story about my car. He also urged me to take more photos and videos of my car, which I did. As a result of his prompting, I think I got a better price for my car than I would have if I’d just winged it on my own. Having someone there to manage and help you improve your auction is vital, I believe, to getting the best-possible results.


5 stars:


Greg Davis

As a smalltime car collector, I was a follower and fan of Bring a Trailer (BaT) since before the auctions started. Since that time I have bought and sold over a dozen cars and truly believe they are the best venue to buy/sell/dream about cars. The amount of work that goes into each listing and the week’s worth of dialogue is what separates BaT from live auctions and other online auction environments and is beneficial to both the buyer and seller. Add to that the reasonable fees for both parties and you have a winning formula! I highly recommend them.

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History of BaT

Bring a Trailer co-founder Randy Nonnenberg has been hunting through classifieds for rare, interesting, and just plain cool cars since before he could even drive them. In 2007, after years of recommending listings to his buddies, friend and co-founder Gentry Underwood urged Randy to share his knowledge on a site of their own.

They chose the name in reference to the familiar shorthand in classified listings urging buyers to “bring a trailer!” for everything from race cars that weren’t street legal to mechanic’s specials to perfect concours trailer queens. The site highlighted a large range from projects to rare collector cars.

Randy and Gentry began focusing on BaT full time in 2010, making the site a destination for the most relevant mix of enthusiast vehicles for sale among the Wild West of internet classifieds.

After years of connecting enthusiasts with the coolest classifieds out there, we created BaT Exclusives to allow our community to sell directly on the site. Users sent in their vehicles for us to write exclusive listings and offer them to BaT readers. The interest was huge and sellers were often overwhelmed by the vast number of interested buyers. The success of BaT Exclusives encouraged the team to launch BaT Auctions.


About BaT

Car auctions the way they should be done.

BaT Auctions offer greater transparency, more comprehensive listings, and fairer fees over traditional platforms. We curate from a wide range of makes, models, and vehicle types—we want to see as much variety as our audience does!

BaT has become its own self-sustaining ecosystem where users submit their vehicles for exclusive auctions. BaT’s curation mirrors our original eclectic taste: off roaders sit next to track cars, domestics next to foreign, parts next to projects. We’ve even auctioned re-creations, kits, and boats!



Randy at a BaT Alumni Gathering

BaT Success Stories

We love when buyers and sellers tell us about the great experiences they have through our site.

Send us your story of buying or selling on BaT to [email protected] along with some cool photos and we’ll post a Success Story. Each year the BaT community votes on their favorite Success Story, with a grand prize for the overall winner!

Read Success Stories from other BaT users here. 




BaT in the media


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Jay Leno and Randy go for a drive in the quirky and capable Renault R5 Turbo 2.




The Smoking Tire Podcast

About BaT




The Smoking Tire Podcast — Interview

In an episode recorded at BaT headquarters, Randy and Matt Farah talk car collecting and the future of the used vehicle market.



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Reddit Q&A

Read Randy’s Ask Me Anything Q&A session with the /r/Cars community.



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Driving While Awesome Podcast — Interview

Warren, Art, and Lane of Driving While Awesome visited BaT’s headquarters for an interview and Q&A with Randy.




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